featuring traditional Japanese and Chinese cuisine, including the best sushi and dim sum

Recognized as one of the best modern Asian restaurants in Dubai, Tanuki brings masterfully prepared delicacies originating from all corners of Asia. With doors open seven days a week, our restaurant offers lunch, dinner, and delivery Dubai to all those who wish to immerse themselves in the culinary wonders of the Far East.

Whether you live in Dubai or are visiting, we invite you to savor some of best Japanese and Chinese food with a modern twist, as well as Asian fusion specialty mocktails in the comforts of a casual, hip environment.

We deeply enjoy serving our guests and tickling their taste buds with our unique signature dishes, sushi, dim sum and all. Come to Tanuki and let the culinary journey begin!


Located in Dubai, our restaurant’s menu features best sushi, dim sum and many other signature dishes showcasing Chinese, Japanese, South Asian cuisine and more. Our Dubai restaurant stays true to Asian cultural and culinary influences and uses only high quality ingredients. Our unique, soul-soothing cuisine is here to bring friends and families together, to satiate your hunger, and deliver something entirely new to your senses.

Asian food is considered to be more than just a burst of flavors. It is endowed with many philosophies, sayings, etiquettes, and beliefs, where a well-balanced diet of meat, rice, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and spices is essential to make a person fully appreciate the taste of food and life.

Peruse our menu, then come in to experience our Dubai restaurant and let us cook for you!


Dubai Mall Level Ground, downtown Dubai

+971 (04) 580 8228
Monday - Sunday
11:00 am - 1:00 Đ°m